Selasa, 08 Januari 2008

Shrek 2

Shrek 2 film, further to Shrek part 1. Shortly after setting out on their honeymoon, Shrek, his bridge Princess Ffiona and their faithfull companion, Donkey, are ambushed by Lord Farquaad's henchman, Thelonius.
With Princess Ffiona captive, Thelonius rides off into the enchanted forest.
Shrek and Donkey leap into their horse-drawn onion carriageeito to give chase, in a desperate attempt to save Princess Fiona.
Shrek and Donkey's rescue comes to asudden halt when the diminutive Lord Farquaad, bent on revenge, return as a ghostly apparition.
A breathtaking, fire-breathing battle leaves the newlyweds Shrek and Princess Fiona plummenting down a giant 1,000-foot waterfall ....

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